Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bodily Wastes & Omphalectoicxanthopsia Split

Bodily Wastes - "Obsessions With Emetophilia"
The Adorable Feeling Of Pungent Gastric Acid Rising Up The Esophagus
Vomit Reflex Provoked By The Intense Process Of Irrumation
Droplets Of Vomit Mixed Saliva Hanging Down Her Chin Induce My Desire To Lick Them Up
All Of Her Orifices Were Lubricated By Vomit Masses Before Being Penetrated
Feasting On A Generous Portion Of Her Regurgitated Chyme

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - "Precoitus Thoughts And Wonderings About Certain Abominable Sexual Acts Providing That The Multiple Participants Reach Consent On Vuleioipgyngoncrine Usage , Excessive Hidrisintranormopleiopyel Displacement, Rough Kyphometrectis Scllerostaxiccatabradyanoadipoundings, Day-old Vomit Chewing, Measuring Urine In Each Other’s Wine Glasses, Rhinoscolisnortsemeticxanthagnathsinufrigimolliequiase Punishment And Dyeing The Semen With Food Coloring To Create Purpureojism Resulting In Purple Tongues All While Not Being Paid, but Rather To Show Veracious Feelings Towards Such Kinky Obsessions"

Vulvtro – The Spawning Of Goosebumps Upon The Teat Provide For A More Sensitive & Erotic Experience In Chains & Marking Her Rectiorifice As The Target With A Bright Red Anal Toy
Odynmastaointerintragalaciasiyossiperpenaphilia Becoming Unattractive At Times Because Of Ankyloplatydyscryoapo Non-Facio
Isabella, Queen Of Gape
Squirtgraphy Hydrisupratictraphultrageniexcrine Depths For My Complete & Utter Pleasure Of Maintaining Vulvajuice Samples For Mouthwash But Also Sniffing To Test One’s Recollection And Guess Vulvajuice-to-Hair Color
Ceratoscrotum Tribulations Although…It Does Seem To Achieve Climaxes Faster And Faster Each Time, but Could This Be The Want For It To End, or The Desire To Do It More? Lasting Trials of Penisbutchery & Female-taught Balanoangidiohaemadifcutanebiandris Enthralls The Perverted Brain
Thelecheirobrachianisaeacrsarko Squamos-d With Tiny Thin Layers Of Vulvdribble Glazed With Another Layer of Schlongjuice To Showcase Genitalpastries Galore For On looking Boyfriends Witnessing The Unusual Acts Of Sensual Repugnance Being Brutally Laid Upon Their Very Spouses In An Effort To Mentally Inscribe Visions Of His Partner Having Such Unappetizing Conduct
Melissa Lauren Cinema
Cravings Of Arousing Violence And Wanting Of Rough Force Bring On A Different Type Of Orgasm, An Orgasm Of Sheer Pinnacle Levels To The Extent Of Being Unconscious, Waking Up Bare Naked Not Knowing What Just Took Place, And Then…Doing It All Over Again Because Of The Hunger For Raucous Copulation
A Virgin Of Sex, but An Expert of Coprophilia. Experiences of Homemade Shitfilming Leads Sometimes To An Obsession Of Sorts To Which She Records Herself Excreting Proffering Somewhat Of A Scat-Benevolence All While Describing The Very Essence, the Very Personality Of The Excreted Mound As Moist & Wet
Gynaeceueal-Oodymousphallorrhsomaticthymoiaarcheadeniauxocodysecstasiglosso AutoorgasmEat
Episiomphalotongue Abuse Practicing Extremely Unsafe Intercourse But More Concerned With How Much The Sex Slave Ate Earlier In The Day For Pukeplay, Rubbing And Filling My Skin Pores With Chewed Up Pieces Of Her Undigested Stomach Scraps Continuing My Quest For The Everlasting Fragrance Of Spew (My Mind Pt. 7)
Slingshot G-strings Used As Temptation Due To Subtle Peeks At Private Parts
Vulvaticliquid Precipitation Lust Hence No Need For An Umbrella, But Rather A Big Jug For The Amalgamation Of Clitdrink & Saliva
Sialmalgoguespastaiksicthelyticcrinae On Colpkatacornuisatelobradbalanoanuterstomatilaryngistachymagnincacois Simply For The Recreation Of A Dream Which Also Involved 3 Vomitchunkcovered Females Seducing Me To Partake In Various Bulimic-type Games Including Who Can Gulp The Most Bellydisgorge From A Funnel
Craniofuck With An Inflatable Buttplug Or Trachelootonyrrhagpneumepisibalanoauxadactylglantheletesticarpmegmegisoophoioligmycpoiesis With Cheiroary
I Don’t Feel So Good…
…It Must Be Time For Pleasure!!
Bobbi Starr And A Ballgag