Monday, December 6, 2010

Spermorrhoea & Omphalectoicxanthopsia

If you're against porn, not into anything sexual or deviant, this split is probably not for you. Spermorrhoea is probably one of the best pornoise projects cumming right now. So it was a true genitalpleasure to do a split with them. This is not music. Watch your earpussies...

An Urophilic Experiment With Rectal Incontinent Whores
Pus Covered Cunt Lips
Self-Inflicted Genital Mutilation In Ultimate Sexual Torture Procedures
Rectal Creampie
Anal Ejaculation (Regurgitation Of A Cum-Filled Anus)
Amputorgasm (A Chapter Of Pornography And Pathology)
Shitting-Vomiting (Copremetical Pleasures)

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Gaping Archocheilanaineugalaectello Anusthrobs To Pleasurable Clamp-to-Scrotum Torment
Stuffing And Thrusting The Very Red In Color Pharyngoe With Her Own Spittle From My Very Scaphiplatyoscheofacient Genitalia Inducing The
Beautiful Sounds Of Gagtreatment, And Spanking Proczafresia For Double Assuage All Concluded By Cute Awkward Laughs Of Her Displeasure
Phallycapitalactedemeumegaeorchysialstomatisphlebo Remedies For Effortless Vulvapricking
Amber Rayne
I Love It When She Slides Her Thong Off, And Stuffs It In Her Vulvaopening (I Love Pornography)
Voricopaliohypismusgoncurzymealcolono Quenching Multitundinous Visions Of Operating The Semensack Which Glazes The Warm Tongue Of The Gonadliquid Zealot (Live)
Taryn Thomas Waits Patiently With Her Mouth Open Wide (Live)
Faecal Digestion (Live)
Piercings In All Sorts of Places and Orifices (Live)
Shemale Domination (Live)
Vulvipercolation: Mint Colored Heels
– Pre-Coitus Vaginismucytimepierythrieblinarivemdysoophorrheoal Spasms (Live)
Blue G-String (Live)
She Excreted My Very own Semen from her Asshole into a Wine Glass for me to Gulp while still Maintaining Cysticercusrectpilonidal (Rectal Larvae Cumsumption) (Live)