Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Sucking It Dry To A Point Of Discomfort And/Or Injury, Yet The Sexual Greed Drives The Curiosity Towards Multimission In Penemutagenoic Philosophy, Neverminding The Fact It Bears The Remnants Of Another's Opening

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - The Icewoman

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Dualer Rectliopahinequistialcerinodoehrimeato Mimesis

Friday, January 27, 2017

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Thong & Heel

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Eating What You're Fed

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - "Chastity"

Intro//B.D.S.M.Sensitivcapitburstouching By Way Of Cheilus Encrusting Forcing Your Abdomenarea To Bluntly Flex Without The Idea Of Ejaculating To Prove Which Bondagepartner Is Dominant InDunanteroahomodyspermgonectro or Simply Kjunoonphorrirectiparaguipaorchifugalis Abashment
Bukyiconpatterotetitferguswaqeall Choking Reviving The Anticipated Practice Of Snorting Her Partner’s Snot And Reinstated With Puking Into A Funnel Connected To Her Balloonknot For A Longlastinganalpleasure Of Pure Ghurectoljiiwanpleuryurethimigferr Quenkluffismyocrit Overly Enjoyed By All Four Members Of The Said Sexual ExperienceJidclitorae JerkingJuerbulimvandardicilimhirucioenreykullikonsagomunllummis
Full Figured Flatulegonquhinferdelyern Fopis Frequently Forcing Focused Thoughts Of Facarpiantriproctgadnovuyjiofemnull Fucking To DistractTheFertileFartFetishHarmonyRoseWysjektinernomfanderuhvugobiundelohasirephelbygonorrhoea Continuous Yeuphillikonurethra Poundage Seeking Cartilage Subtegulaneo To Vulvysicfeemhivoperfilcyjumrancikullum Recjegisclidogermaniaooimelikadehocangingence, Envisioning Unskilled Pulsatingpandemoniaeum With Improper Use Of Newly Purchased MufftoysOrange In Color Liquidized Steohoerilunybinisetusrajuicings Created By The Very Tip Of The Phallus Mildly Tickling The Back Of The Throat Chickpea ClitYoungpubescence Yearning Yiughonchlopeneajunimagenedhelirnoxmurogunelosavomstehuxomefisic YoonorrgisynusB.E.L.L.A.D.O.N.N.A. III (Bingedrinking Ejaculations of Lacticfulitonimadifeterrhmammaries, Loathing Anyone That Doesn’t With Ongoing Nidiureciccufixenoashuyoplunamilliergantelepoiesis, Nocigenitamanipulations, And So Forth…)A Kelly Wells MindsetZamrhinphriheterosquirt In Crotchless Spandex
Senuallystroking A Ripped Out Spondylon, And Placing It Into Her Refrigerator To Complete The Sadistic Desire Of Actually Sending Chills Down A Man’s Spine Without Him Reaching An OrgasmProtruding Her Tongue To Give The Impression Of Peniscraving Yet The Semihardorgan Is Unprepared And Sensually Helped Through A Powerful Vacuum As A Form Of Femdom. Not Knowing Of The Specific Tolerance, He Thought She Meant “Sucking” As A Form Of Intercourse Between The Mouth And A Reproductive Part Which To His Dismay Literally Meant…Having His Dick SuckedKyphovulfullyKenesicfuihiemsalicseminagimpwertesibujaundglottadeanklyoemissioned Into Kanarrhiseyunlodergmanifesjelsivaguxfulliquemic Cumfarts


Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Hole-y Grail Of Omphalectoicxanthopsia

Being in Omphalectoicxanthopsia has its benefits. This is the Hole-y Grail of Omphalectoicxanthopsia/Pupric Bowel Movement and I've been looking for it since 2005. It's been sold out everywhere, and now I finally have it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Exquisite Shemale - "Trans Amore!" full length

The heaviest tribute to the transgendered you will ever hear.

Trans Amore!
Guess Who's Cumming?
Cocked & Loaded
Eat Dick And Creampie
Close Encounters With Her Third Leg
Rear End Collision
Boys Will Be Girls
Shegressive Orgasmo
Artificially Yours


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vomit Particle Found During Anal Examination - Isoflurophate demo (2008)

I wasn't planning on re-uploading this, but people have been asking for it. I am sure some of you remember it back from Pupric Bowel Movement. Very strange and boring. It is best listened to during the moments where you are simply sick of whatever shit-for-music you have been listening to, and want to zone out to re-sampled sounds of me vomiting. Like that ever happens.

This was during my emetophilia phase. Wait, that phase isn't over...



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa & Myiasis Split Tape

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa side
Adipocere Formation
Autolysis, Self Digestion
Decay Of The Bowels
Gas Accumulation And Bloating
Liquefing The Guts

Myiasis side
I Dream Of Asami
Wire Cutting Through The Meat
A Dying Human In The Sack


Saturday, December 17, 2011

When Gruesome Toilet & Exquisite Shemale Collide

It's that time of year again and you can feel it in the air. Fetishes, mental issues are always prominent and this split proves it. From lack of motivation to tranny domination. Tracks about dumping to tracks about humping. It's all here. Have fun trying to get through this one.

Gruesome Toilet - "Unforced Bowel Movements"
Nihilistic gutter travelogue
Curious giblets
Forcing my head into a hole where your cunt used to be
Reach in and grab another turd from Santa’s knapsack
Cavernous anal spelunk
Cumstipated7-No real effort on my part
Bathtub facedive set on repeat
Glocalize maximum birth control
Grounds for bodily divorce
Protoseptic infants
Eternally bleeding forehead
Compulsive selfdeterioration
Color me unimpressed
Diarrhea primavera*
Second flush same as first*
Thriftshop fetus*
Writing ‘fuck off’ inside every tape you put out is gay*
Liquiduct bird feathers*

Embryo (throat, drum prog, all flushing*)
Styv Pekari (guitarz & viscous skanks on trx 1-14)

Exquisite Shemale - "Sperm Spurtin' Shemales Vol. 6"
Kathoey Dangle (One Night In Bangkok)
The Sao Paulo Surprise (She-Male Samba Mania)
Lackluster Hetero Fuck (Potent Tranny Hootenanny)
Unnecessary Diaphragms (PMS Denied)
Idolizing Kamila Smith (Rockhard Asylum)
Get Your Tongue Pierced*
More Than A Woman*
12.5 Incher*
Cum On My Face (Motley Crue cover)
Good Tranny/All Night (Jewel cover)
Down Ronda (Rage Against The Machine cover)

Muffy Diamond does every(one)thing
* labeled tracks feature Vonnaris Vixen on guitars & Muffy Diamond everything else


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I forgot to reupload these, but they needed to be because of Sonny's great work. These are his collections of reviews and interviews that are very much worth a read. Sonny is a true member and fan of the gorenoise scene and it shows in his Total Gorenoise Euphoria Webzines.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Predominate Cavewoman - Predominate Cavewoman (2012)

Whenever I see a bad track title about a female I always tend to wonder what she would say/do back to the shithead that wrote it. Ahh, the ol' merciless dominatrixes of the world come to mind first with maybe a dabble of castration on the side. That made me want to start a project with mainly women which is where Predominate Cavewoman comes in. Women were dominate in Neanderthal days you ask?? I fucking wish.

Here we have Vanessa from Dicksuck on guitar/vocals, Daphnee from Phyllomedusa (Lunatic Girl And Her Frog) on bass/vocals, and me on drums/vocals. Good luck getting through this one without getting annoyed, frustrated, pissed and/or bored.

Predominate Cavewoman
Primitive Erotica
Respect That Smell
Lovely Male Decap
Menstric Queen Of Low Patience
Among Douchebags
You Want Me To Suck What?!
That Time Of The Month...Where I Let You Out Of The Cage
Filleting Penes
I Cum First
Domestic Disturbance
You Cum Second
He's Allowed No Water, Just My Urine
Handpicked Manberries
A Female's Acrimony
Stone Bondage
This Pussy Won't Eat Itself
The Dominate Gender
Shebutcher In A Loincloth
Gonad Masher
Fucking Sissy!!
Thrashing Of His Life
Brush My Hair, Bitch
Mr. Tiny Cock
Beggin' For A Peggin'
Mascara From Manblood
Your Cunt Control Is Feeble
We Grind Harder
A Savage Introduction To Femdom
Under My Pumps
Ovarian Reign


Thursday, February 24, 2011

GoreNoise Annihilation Zine #1 (Re-upload)

Here's a nice little zine created by a human. Includes interviews of Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering, Phyllomedusa, Anus Tumour, Intestinal Infection etc.. This also includes some exquisite reviews of Birth, Bradymennorhoea, Omphalectoicxanthopsia, Clogged Stomach, Colostomy Filter, Gorgonized Dorks, The Decapitated Midgets, Macrophagous Gilled Larvae & many more!!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bodily Wastes & Omphalectoicxanthopsia Split

Bodily Wastes - "Obsessions With Emetophilia"
The Adorable Feeling Of Pungent Gastric Acid Rising Up The Esophagus
Vomit Reflex Provoked By The Intense Process Of Irrumation
Droplets Of Vomit Mixed Saliva Hanging Down Her Chin Induce My Desire To Lick Them Up
All Of Her Orifices Were Lubricated By Vomit Masses Before Being Penetrated
Feasting On A Generous Portion Of Her Regurgitated Chyme

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - "Precoitus Thoughts And Wonderings About Certain Abominable Sexual Acts Providing That The Multiple Participants Reach Consent On Vuleioipgyngoncrine Usage , Excessive Hidrisintranormopleiopyel Displacement, Rough Kyphometrectis Scllerostaxiccatabradyanoadipoundings, Day-old Vomit Chewing, Measuring Urine In Each Other’s Wine Glasses, Rhinoscolisnortsemeticxanthagnathsinufrigimolliequiase Punishment And Dyeing The Semen With Food Coloring To Create Purpureojism Resulting In Purple Tongues All While Not Being Paid, but Rather To Show Veracious Feelings Towards Such Kinky Obsessions"

Vulvtro – The Spawning Of Goosebumps Upon The Teat Provide For A More Sensitive & Erotic Experience In Chains & Marking Her Rectiorifice As The Target With A Bright Red Anal Toy
Odynmastaointerintragalaciasiyossiperpenaphilia Becoming Unattractive At Times Because Of Ankyloplatydyscryoapo Non-Facio
Isabella, Queen Of Gape
Squirtgraphy Hydrisupratictraphultrageniexcrine Depths For My Complete & Utter Pleasure Of Maintaining Vulvajuice Samples For Mouthwash But Also Sniffing To Test One’s Recollection And Guess Vulvajuice-to-Hair Color
Ceratoscrotum Tribulations Although…It Does Seem To Achieve Climaxes Faster And Faster Each Time, but Could This Be The Want For It To End, or The Desire To Do It More? Lasting Trials of Penisbutchery & Female-taught Balanoangidiohaemadifcutanebiandris Enthralls The Perverted Brain
Thelecheirobrachianisaeacrsarko Squamos-d With Tiny Thin Layers Of Vulvdribble Glazed With Another Layer of Schlongjuice To Showcase Genitalpastries Galore For On looking Boyfriends Witnessing The Unusual Acts Of Sensual Repugnance Being Brutally Laid Upon Their Very Spouses In An Effort To Mentally Inscribe Visions Of His Partner Having Such Unappetizing Conduct
Melissa Lauren Cinema
Cravings Of Arousing Violence And Wanting Of Rough Force Bring On A Different Type Of Orgasm, An Orgasm Of Sheer Pinnacle Levels To The Extent Of Being Unconscious, Waking Up Bare Naked Not Knowing What Just Took Place, And Then…Doing It All Over Again Because Of The Hunger For Raucous Copulation
A Virgin Of Sex, but An Expert of Coprophilia. Experiences of Homemade Shitfilming Leads Sometimes To An Obsession Of Sorts To Which She Records Herself Excreting Proffering Somewhat Of A Scat-Benevolence All While Describing The Very Essence, the Very Personality Of The Excreted Mound As Moist & Wet
Gynaeceueal-Oodymousphallorrhsomaticthymoiaarcheadeniauxocodysecstasiglosso AutoorgasmEat
Episiomphalotongue Abuse Practicing Extremely Unsafe Intercourse But More Concerned With How Much The Sex Slave Ate Earlier In The Day For Pukeplay, Rubbing And Filling My Skin Pores With Chewed Up Pieces Of Her Undigested Stomach Scraps Continuing My Quest For The Everlasting Fragrance Of Spew (My Mind Pt. 7)
Slingshot G-strings Used As Temptation Due To Subtle Peeks At Private Parts
Vulvaticliquid Precipitation Lust Hence No Need For An Umbrella, But Rather A Big Jug For The Amalgamation Of Clitdrink & Saliva
Sialmalgoguespastaiksicthelyticcrinae On Colpkatacornuisatelobradbalanoanuterstomatilaryngistachymagnincacois Simply For The Recreation Of A Dream Which Also Involved 3 Vomitchunkcovered Females Seducing Me To Partake In Various Bulimic-type Games Including Who Can Gulp The Most Bellydisgorge From A Funnel
Craniofuck With An Inflatable Buttplug Or Trachelootonyrrhagpneumepisibalanoauxadactylglantheletesticarpmegmegisoophoioligmycpoiesis With Cheiroary
I Don’t Feel So Good…
…It Must Be Time For Pleasure!!
Bobbi Starr And A Ballgag


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Amoebe - Neonatalnecropleasure demo



Monday, January 31, 2011


Bumpin' trannygrooves with a side of terrible spermnoise. Follow the trannygrooves while pounding that one hole. Ladyboys rejoice!!

Your Thong Has A Bump
Sensual Throbbing Mystery I
Nicolly Navarro's Bitch
Sensual Throbbing Mystery II
Nom Nom That Gooch
Sensual Throbbing Mystery III
Lactating Hegirl Nipple
Sensual Throbbing Mystery IV
Bulky Tranny Dong

Monday, December 6, 2010

Spermorrhoea & Omphalectoicxanthopsia

If you're against porn, not into anything sexual or deviant, this split is probably not for you. Spermorrhoea is probably one of the best pornoise projects cumming right now. So it was a true genitalpleasure to do a split with them. This is not music. Watch your earpussies...

An Urophilic Experiment With Rectal Incontinent Whores
Pus Covered Cunt Lips
Self-Inflicted Genital Mutilation In Ultimate Sexual Torture Procedures
Rectal Creampie
Anal Ejaculation (Regurgitation Of A Cum-Filled Anus)
Amputorgasm (A Chapter Of Pornography And Pathology)
Shitting-Vomiting (Copremetical Pleasures)

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Gaping Archocheilanaineugalaectello Anusthrobs To Pleasurable Clamp-to-Scrotum Torment
Stuffing And Thrusting The Very Red In Color Pharyngoe With Her Own Spittle From My Very Scaphiplatyoscheofacient Genitalia Inducing The
Beautiful Sounds Of Gagtreatment, And Spanking Proczafresia For Double Assuage All Concluded By Cute Awkward Laughs Of Her Displeasure
Phallycapitalactedemeumegaeorchysialstomatisphlebo Remedies For Effortless Vulvapricking
Amber Rayne
I Love It When She Slides Her Thong Off, And Stuffs It In Her Vulvaopening (I Love Pornography)
Voricopaliohypismusgoncurzymealcolono Quenching Multitundinous Visions Of Operating The Semensack Which Glazes The Warm Tongue Of The Gonadliquid Zealot (Live)
Taryn Thomas Waits Patiently With Her Mouth Open Wide (Live)
Faecal Digestion (Live)
Piercings In All Sorts of Places and Orifices (Live)
Shemale Domination (Live)
Vulvipercolation: Mint Colored Heels
– Pre-Coitus Vaginismucytimepierythrieblinarivemdysoophorrheoal Spasms (Live)
Blue G-String (Live)
She Excreted My Very own Semen from her Asshole into a Wine Glass for me to Gulp while still Maintaining Cysticercusrectpilonidal (Rectal Larvae Cumsumption) (Live)


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exquisite Shemale - Shemale Fantasy demo

There's A Dick Under That Skirt
Ultimate Shemale Fantasy
12 Incher
Stimulating Sexual Reassignment
Alone & Naked With 5 Pseudo-females (Paradise)
The Tranny In Pink Heels
Shaving Shemale Sphincter


Thursday, November 4, 2010

BLACK TRANSSEXUAL - Rough Black Dominatrix demo

Please Tranny! Pee On Me.
Shemale Samba Mania
Thick Dicked Chick
Big Tight Butt
Girl With A Secret
My Babysitter Has Balls
Shemale Lesbians
Black Tranny Whacker
3 Legged Bitches
Transgender Of Brazil
Big Dick Realm (Anal Cake cover)
It's Pretty Hung
Ladyboy Dysostosis (Menometrorrhagia cover)
Regurgitated T-Girl Urine (Toiletgurgling Fecal Shower cover)
Something Extra
Bareback Shebang
Trava Anao
Latex HeShe Punishment
Fernanda Barros
Dominatrix Gag Aftermath


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Enema Bath - Squirt Sessions EP

Enema Bath
Squirt # 1
Squirt # 2
Squirt # 3
Squirt # 4
Squirt # 5
Squirt # 6
Squirt # 7
Squirt # 8
Squirt # 9
Squirt # 10
Triple Penetration (GUT)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Enema Bath - Anus With No Plug

Latest from the Urinfestival clone that is Enema Bath. A warm loadton of people have been asking for more Enema Bath so this is for the completion of clean bums & tender spot touches. Blends well when listening and receiving an enema at the same time.

Leaking Butt With Extremely Cutoff Jeans
Juice Bowl With Solid Waste
Packed Colons With Beautiful Brown Colorations
Liquidplay With Tap Water
Pierced Sack With Drippings
Anusgurgle With Warm Coffee
Tonguetorture With Unrimmed Anui
Tossed Salads With Moist Spoilment
Ejaculation Rejection With Enema Completion In Mind
Clumps With Gia Paloma
Puke Perfume With Cheek Seperation
Cleansed Tubes With Dark Violet Heels
Excreting White Colored Feces With Homemade Smoothie
Massive Gaping With Fingers
Cumfart Swallows With Frilly Socks On
Analfountains With Dreams Being Fulfilled
Consuming Her Spit With My Palm
Licking Pubes With Latherments Of Bumoil
Smothered With Meaty Anus


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Vulstaxis Esthymaesio Glotto-bondage In Fishnets & Orgasmic Pony-play Butt Plug Palpitations+ Unfinished demo

A nice petite Omphalectoic comp here. Definitely the craziest OXXX release I've done. Cumplete with about 4 different snares and an 8-string guitar. Multiple covers, and a re-ejaculated track from "'06-'07 Excretions" glaze upon this release too. Heavily, heavily inspired by the pornstars I watched non-stop during recording. Taryn Thomas, Naudia Nyce, Carmella Bing, Katja, Bobbi Starr, Kinzie Kenner, Presley Maddox, Alexis Texas, Carla C., Rebeca Linares, Courtney James, Renata, Lauren Phoenix, Claire Dames, Tory Lane, etc... Also included is an old fucking unfinished demo. You will not enjoy this.

Vulstaxis Esthymaesio Glotto-bondage In Fishnets & Orgasmic Pony-play Butt Plug Palpitations
An Opening Presentation For Episicolpbalanicpeoahyperrhagic Votarists Where No Pyeliquiptysis Is Allowed Or Any Form Of Thick Ivory Clumemesis Is Tolerated
Voricopaliohypismusgoncurzymealcolono Quenching Multitundinous Visions Of Operating The Semensack Which Glazes The Warm Tongue Of The Gonadliquid Zealot
Euvul Despoiling Strictly With Tarnished Schleroleindo-recto Toys More Specifically Two Large Chlorobiandriacanthlaced Jelly Plugs To Render The Vagina Torn
Lipmyosuction With My Mouth, My Dream Is Having An Addiction So Bad Towards The Voluptuously Meaty Female That The Only Elucidation Is A Copious Amount Of Therapy Gatherings Regarding  Myaelpelviultristricstomsialgonepisicoxcatameropexy & The Gaping Of Plump Anus
Gononyx, Expand The Black Labium To Reveal The Tender Pink Meatus To Observe In Praise As A Vulvareligion & Proceed Algesaeauxmelanisvulplasty While Collecting The Urinedribble As The Orifice Emits In A Pulsating Manner All While Saving The Scrotumspunk For Her Mouth As An After-bondage Present
Taryn Thomas Waits Patiently With Her Mouth Open Wide
The Outcome Of Blending  A Few Fruits And Milk Poured Into The Anus Is Forcefully Poured Back Into A Teacup Serving Both As An Enema & Buttjuicesmoothie For Thee Ingestment Of The Feminine Being Proving The Anal Canal Can Serve Purpose For The Auto-phagopoiesisrrhoectianacendcrinphilia Freaks
Proctithrobbings Of Carmella As The Buttfilth Is Sucked Off Her Own Anusgadget
In Between Britney And Lexi As They Work Their Clits As I Hold My Goblet To Hoard Every Droplet Of Vulvanectar For Future Gulping & Inhale The Fumes Of Vaginalgrease While I Notice The Lusciousliquid Has A Peach-like Taste
Putrephilia (Vomitoma Cover)
Untitled No. 24 (Re-recorded & Re-ejaculated)
Another Session In Urophilia (Urinefestival Cover)
Goresoaked Neoplasm (Thanatopsis Cover)
Punch And Pull Easy Organ Removal Method (Bradymenorrhoea Cover)
The Cumming Of Katja

How To Filll A Mouth demo
Curvaceous Cum Swallowers
Rebeca Linares In A White Thong With Matching Heels
Shemale Domination


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exquisite Shemale - Shemale Is Better Than Female

Join the Ladyschlong gathering, and be sure to blast this with full fucking bass. Perfect grooves for penetration and cuddling with those of Trans-gender.

Sebastian Embryo - Steamy Throat Retching
Muffy Diamond - Sensual Strings & Soft Fondle

Blondes Have More Cum
He Is A She Cumming In Me
Stimulating Sexual Reassignment (Re-ejaculated)
Bumping In Brazil (Re-ejaculated)
My Girl Has One Hole
Tranny Goo Worshipper
We're Not Gonna Take Clit
Spunkglossing A Tranny's Fanny
Snuggle With Sasha Hevyn